A.R.D.U. Drone Lungs

Complex wearable breathplay unit

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A.R.D.U - Autonomous Rubber Drone Unit


Advanced rebreathing system as rubber vest. Front size are full rubber lungs, which moves when are inflated and/or deflated by breathing and works as air reservoirs. Back side posses tree aluminium bubbling botles, whic can filter and/or aromatize inflated air. Air after filtration in bottles goes to rubber lungs and afterwards to gasmask. Gasmask with two inlets is ideal, one outlet of lungs can be blinfolded or T-shape fitting can be used for one inlet gas masks.   All system is attached to rubber vest. In front easily opened by zipper. On side adjustable with plastic buckles. End of hoses contected to gasmakc are optionable (M 90° screw are depicted and sugested). All NATO screws are in same colour.

System inhalts:

- vest with front lungs

- backside armature

- aluminium bottles 1.2 L  3x

- long hooses to conect back and front side 2x

- shoulder straps to hold hooses 2x

- hoses to conect to gasmask 2x


Feel free to contact us if you desire another arrangement of screws for this gear. All junctions can be disasambled and/or rearanged for more advance system functions upgrade or cleaning.

Please, select desirable colour of threads.


F - inner NATO40 thread (usualy on gas masks) 

M - outer NATO40 thread (usualy on filters)


Basic thread for most of common gas masks and accesories is based on NATO40 standard thread. We designed special thread compatible with "west" (NATO gasmask system, like polupar british  S10 gas mask) and "east" (e.g. soviet GP-5 gas masks).

Gasmask adn other depicted gear are not part of this order. 

This equipment is fetish toy! This product is not intended for any use as rescue, health protection, medication etc.  Never play alone with any toys or systems which  can limit breath or may have impact on consciousness. We do not cover any responsibility for any health related problems by using any Fetishak gear.


For some more possibilities just send us your wishes .