Two-side latex sport jacket

Tow-in-one latex jacket with fibre insert.

Select desired size, please.


Select, please, colour of rubber:


Select, please, colour of rubber:

$755 TTC

Original two-in-one latex  jacket for cold days.  The feeling in full rubber jacket is awesome and bring you possibility to enjoy rubber even in cold days.

Jacket is made from 0.4mm latex rubber. Both sides are from rubber. Jacket is filled with insulation fibres and is air tight glued. From one side have two pockets. Simply turn jacket on reverse side and you have new look in few seconds.

You can select colour of first and second side separately. (As primar colour is side with pockets.) Colours scheme can be customized! Feel free to contact us about all possibilities.


Reversable plastic zip is used.


Sizes chosed are  informative only, we will ask you for detal measurements after your order and this gear is made always as tailor-made to best fit. Production will take approx. 4 weeks since we recieve your measurements.


Size table

         chest           waist           

S     86 - 93          81 - 87        
M     93 - 99          87 - 93        
L     99 - 104         93 - 98       
XL  104 - 108        98 - 104    

all measurements are in cm

Please, keep in mind that this gear can be NOT returnet without being told why due manufactured to your measurements as custome-made goods.

For some more possibilities just send us your wishes or you can use our Ideas and Concept’s section.

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