Rubber padded cuffs

Full rubber heavy dutty cuffs with soft padding

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$128 s DPH


Heavy duty rubber cuffs. For hands, legs, arms... 

A pair of full rubber bondage cuffs. Colour of rubber straps, rubber pads and metal parts are optionable.

All cuffs have D-rings.   Pads have latex rubber padding for more comfortable wear.

Rubber straps are 4cm wide, made from 3mm oil-resistand reinforced rubber. Black rubber is  more durable as other colours, so we suggest black rubber straps for heavy bondage usage. 



                           Range (body part circumference)

Wrist                           15.5 - 23cm

Arm                             26.5 - 34cm

Ankle                           24 - 31.5cm

Leng of cuffs can be customized.

For some more possibilities just send us your wishes .